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It's not often in the UK we get hot weather, but air con for cars and vans isn't just about cooling us down. Air Con works well as a demister for windows, as well as making us feel comfortable whilst driving. Its always good practice to get your Air Conditioning inspected any time of the year, because regular servicing and maintenance of your air con system will ensure you get the best performance from it throughout the whole year.

Vehicle Air Conditioning and Air Con Regas

Air Con - Why frequent checks are important

Vehicle Air Conditioning systems require frequent checks. Believe it or not, over one year your can lose over 10% of its refrigerant resulting in an inefficient Air Conditioning system.

Our vehicle technicians have been specially trained to use the latest high tech Air conditioning equipment and R134A - 123YF Gases. We test for any blockages or leaks in your air con system. We also will run through an antibacterial solution killing 99.9% of germs which can harbour in your air con system, clean and re-fill with refrigerant gas.

Inidications of air con problems

Some of the indications that you could have problems with your air conditioning are:
- No cold air coming though your air vents or taking a long time to cool down;
- Musty or unpleasent smells from your air vents and inside the car;
- Failing to clear the mist on the inside of your windscreen.

If you spot any of these issues getting them checked quickly could save you more money in the long term. Air Conditioning recharges or re gas with 1st Choice will offer you big savings over a main dealer, and most of the time, this can be done whilst you wait.
We are the 1st Choice for your Air Conditioning needs!

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