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Dashboard warning lights. We get into our vehicles and turn on the engine, and suddenly we see a dashboard warning light. We might not have seen it before, but we noticed it today. Warning lights are more common now on modern vehicles, having a diagnostic check is your first port of call.

Engine Diagnostics for Vans and Cars

Car & Van Diagnostics

At 1st Choice MOTs we use the latest technology to successfully work out what the problem on your vehicle may be. If you have a warning light on your instrument dashboard then don't just ignore it, and hope it will go away. The chances are that it could be something vital, and it is your cars way of telling you that it has recognised there is a problem.

Warning lights are there for a good reason

Warning lights can sometimes be a simple re-set or could be a warning of imminent failure or may give your vehicle restricted performance. Some warning lights can result in MOT failure. Waring lights is your vehicles computer telling you, you may have an issue. These can be levels of your vehicles fluids, temperature levels, lighting faults, brake / ABS issues etc.

Typically some warning lights are more important than others. Here is a quick guide to what the common critical lights on your dashboard are indicating.

Diagnostics Warning Lights on Vehicle - Check Engine

Engine Management Light

The check engine warning light indicates there is a fault with the vehicles engine. Although this maybe something simple, we would advise that you bring your vehicle into us to scan your ECU which can trace the exact problem. Your vehicle performance may be affected.

* ADVISORY - There may be a serious issue pending

Diagnostics Warning Lights on Vehicle - ABS

ABS Warning Light

Your ABS (Anti Lock Brake) safety system is compromised, and there is a fault in the way your braking system works. This will affect the braking system, and your vehicle may not react the way it should in an emergency stop.


Diagnostics Warning Lights on Vehicle - Airbags

Airbag Warning Light

An illuminated airbag warning light shows there is a fault in the Airbag system. This could simply be a loose wire, but more often it will be a faulty unit, or a problem with the ECU.


Diagnostics Warning Lights on Vehicle - Handbrake

Handbrake Warning Light

The Handbrake Warning Light when illuminating, indicates there is an issue with the braking system and your brake fluid level may be low or worse empty. Fluid leaks on brakes are not good! Contact 1st Choice MOTs to find out more.


Diagnostics Warning Lights on Vehicle - Oil

Oil Warning Light

When you go to start the engine, this light will come on. However, if this light illuminates whilst driving this indicates the oil pressure is low. You should ALWAYS CHECK YOUR ENGINE OIL and not wait for this light to illuminate because by then you may be causing damage to your engine! Pull over, stop and call us.

* ADVISORY - There may be a serious issue pending

Whatever make of car or commercial van you own and drive, our 1st Choice MOT Centre can provide:

- Servicing
- Diagnostic Testing
- All Mechanical Repairs
- Air Conditioning Re-Gas and/or repairs
- Tyre & Exhausts
- MOT Testing (including Class 4-5 & 7.

We are here to help!

Whatever make of car of van you drive, our MOT and Servicing Team at 1st Choice MOT's are here to help you. We will always be transparent, and offer you clear and helpful advice.

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